Practice Golf Balls – Plastic, Foam, Hollow

Practice your swing indoors or out! The lightweight golf balls lets you perfect your hitting anywhere you want. With driving ranges charging quite a lot for a bucket of balls, it can make practicing quite expensive.

Buy a bunch of foam or plastic practice golf balls and a practice mat, then head down to your local park and you can practice and drill to your hearts content without emptying your pockets.

There are various types of practice golf balls out there, plastic, foam, then specially designed ones. Here’s three of the top options.

AlmostGolf Balls

The strength of the almostGOLF ball for serious golfers is that you now have a practice golf ball that you can use away from the golf course to improve your game. While there are many types of practice golf balls, almostGOLF offers good performance and feedback so you can feel confident that your practice time is translating to lower scores on the golf course.


Birdie Ball is a limited flight practice golf ball without limited feel. True feel with a long hang time, golf ball-like, trajectory! But it only flies 40 yards, so you have your own backyard driving range. Take a full swing. Draw it Fade it. Birdie Balls won’t break like perforated practice balls or wiffleballs. Improve your ability to control a real golf ball.

Floppy Golf Balls

floppy-indoor-practice-golf-ballsThe Indoor Golf Ball, The only way to get better at golf is to hit golf balls, lots and lots of balls. But getting to the course is not always an option. It feels like a golf ball off the face but is soft enough to bounce off a window or a wall. Designed specially for practicing the short game, The Floppy® is fantastic for your short game. Practicing your wedges with The Floppy® a few shots a day will build your confidence, touch and feel.

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