Gift Ideas for Golfers

Golf gifts are a great way to give presents to people who ‘have everything’  below are a few golf accessory ideas to get inspiration from. We’ve selected a range of golf products that vary in price to match you budget. Just click on the image and it will take you to a range of products to choose from.

Putting Mat


SKLZ Accelerator Pro Ball Return Putting Mat

Putting mats are great for those fair weather golfers to practice their putts, improved putting can reduce a person’s scorecard dramatically and fit putting mats are easy to store and take up little space.

 In-Car Golf Organiser (Trunk/Boot)


Jef World of Golf Single Layer Trunk Locker

The back of a golfer’s car can get quite messy, until now. with organizer’s similar to the above now the trunk can stay clean and tidy.

Golf Ball Alignment Marker Tool


Softspikes Golf Ball Alignment Tool

Marking the ball before a round is a good way to make your ball unique out on the course but with the Softspikes Alignment tool now it can also improve your putting. It comes with the grip and marker pen.

All-in-One Golf Tool


Victorinox Swiss Army Golf Tool

We all know the Swiss Army Knife, this is the golf course version. Complete with ball marker and divot tool. There are plenty of all-in-one golf tools to choose from.

Pocket Ball Washer


ProActive Green Go Pocket Ball Washer

A clean golf ball is vital for straight putts but not only that it feels much nicer teeing off with a gleaming ball. Now you don’t have to got to your bag, clean the ball and return to the green, with this in-pocket ball cleaner, keeps your ball clean and pocket dry.

Golf Chipping Net


Izzo Mini Mouth 24-Inch Chipping Target

Another great piece of equipment to improve your golf game. Practicing with a chipping net will dramatic improve your short game. Jack Nicklaus chipped in twice in consecutive holes to help secure a famous Honda Classic victory.

Golf Ball Finding glasses


G&G Golf Ball Finder Glasses Blue Lens Sunglasses

A fun gift or present for a golf who can’t always hit the fairway (which golfer can?). A helpful accerssory or a dig at your friend to sublty say his accuracy could do with improving.

Golf Range Finder


GolfBuddy Voice GPS Rangefinder

Never hit the wrong club with a golf range finder in your pocket. No more guessing the distance. There is nothing more disapointing than hitting the perfect shot only to find you miscalculated the distance and end up 20 yards long or short.

Golf Club Head Covers


Face Saver Plus 3-SW, Black Iron Cover (9-piece)

Golf club covers make a perfect gift, either novelty or practical. They stop the clubs jingling, helps keep them clean and make the golf bag look great.

Novelty Golf Balls


Novelty Golf Balls

Golfers can always use more golf balls. Novelty golf balls are a fun golf gift and will no doubt make the golfer think of you when on the course.

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