Christmas present gift ideas for golf lovers

Finding a Christmas present for a person who loves playing golf can be easier if you take into account what type of person is out on the green. If the person likes technology, science or spends most of the time working at a office, here some ideas.

“The Executive” Doesn’t have too much time to play but likes being competitive

Golf Ball Boxgolfbox

Golf Game & Mat

Golf Mug

Golf Cart Desk Clock

“The Performer” Fun-lover, they enjoy the moment!

Funny T-Shirt

Golf 101 Games

Cooler Bag

“The Scientist” They value the knowledge, analysing conditions

Golf Science – Optimum Performancegolfscope

Laser Distance Measurer

Weather Predicting Clock

Golf Scope

“The Gadget Geek” Enthusiast for digital-technology

GolfSense 3D Golf swing Analyser for Iphone, Ipad and Android

Hot Shots Golf – Play Station 3

GPS Golf Watchzepp-golf-swing-analyzer

“The Classical” Always commits to quality

Complete Golf Set

Golf Balls

Golf Gloves

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