Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Driver

Big Bertha Alpha Driver

Gravity Control Adjustability: For the first time ever, the Gravity Core allows players to adjust spin independently of launch angle, resulting in completely optimized ball flights and longer distance. Read that sentence again. Because nobody’s ever been able to do that before.. Gravity Core: Only the Gravity Core from Callaway allows to adjust freely from an extreme low spin driver to a more total performance, mid-low spin driver. It’s not magic, its just the physics generated by the Gravity Core. Together with the adjustable hosel, players now have an added dimension of adjustability necessary to optimize launch conditions and deliver even more ball speed and distance. Adjustable Weights: Adjustable weights allow you to more precisely dial in your preferred directional bias enhancing a Draw or Neutral shot shape for increased accuracy. So whatever flight you like, Big Bertha Alpha can give it to you. Advanced Adjustable Hosel: Increase or decrease loft in 1Degree increments (up to +2 Degree or down -1 Degree) with the adjustable hosel to optimize launch angle and backspin for maximizing your distance. Then adjust Draw or Neutral directional bias to optimize shot shape.



Loft: 9°, 10.5°
Shaft: Graphite (choose from Light, Regular, Stiff, XStiff)

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Driver Video


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